Ann Arbor Car Accident Involving A Kusters Dairy Food Delivery Truck Causes Injuries To Driver

Our Ann Arbor accident injury lawyers are reporting a story in the news about an Ann Arbor delivery truck accident on Moscow Road south of Buckman Road.  The truck-car accident took place on Tuesday, September 6th, around 4:00 p.m.  According to police, the delivery truck was traveling south on Moscow Road when a vehicle traveling north, crossed the center line and collided with the delivery truck. Both the delivery truck and the car rolled off into the ditch on the side of the road due to the truck-car collision. The driver of the delivery truck was completing a delivery route in Lansing for Kusters Dairy Food Service. The driver of the vehicle suffers injuries.

I am very sorry to hear about this acccident. I hope the injured victim has a fast recovery without any permanent damages. (more…)

Ann Arbor Drunk Driver Car Accident

Our Ann Arbor car accident lawyers are reporting an Ann Arbor drunk driver accident that took place at about 12:45 a.m. on August 7th. According to police, a car was going west on Ann Arbor Road near Hackett Street when it turned and struck another vehicle traveling the other direction head-on. The driver of the at-fault car had a blood alcohol content of 0.15 at the time of the accident.  Her and three people in the other vehicle sustained injuries due to the car accident.

I am very sorry to hear about this accident. I hope the injured victims have a fast recovery without any permanent damages.

Our Ann Arbor car accident lawyers advise victims of their legal rights. For this type of Ann Arbor drunk driver accident, the injured individuals can submit a claim for Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits. No-Fault benefits will cover their medical expenses, lost wages, attendant care, replacement services, and other benefits related to injuries suffered in the accident. The injured victims can claim these benefits even if they did not have a Michigan automobile insurance policy.

In addition, the car accident injury victims may also have claims for personal injuries against the other driver if determined to be at fault. The insurance company for the negligent driver typically pays a settlement for this type of case. In this lawsuit, the injured victims can claim damages and compensation for the injuries suffered in the accident. Another possible claim for anyone injured by the alleged drunk driver would be a potential Michigan dram shop case against the seller or furnisher of the alcohol before the accident. At the very least, she should hire the best possible lawyer to look into these possibilities.

Ann Arbor Car Accident Report

As part of any Ann Arbor car accident case or any Michigan auto insurance claim, it is necessary to obtain the police traffic accident report. These are available to you by simply contacting the police agency and requesting the report. Our firm routinely obtains these reports for our clients who have been injured in an accident.


As a resource to all Ann Arbor residents, our Michigan car accident lawyers has provided the contact information when requesting a traffic crash report. For a car accident that occurred in Ann Arbor, you should request the traffic crash report at the following location:


Ann Arbor Police Department

100 N. Fifth Ave.

Ann Arbor, MI 48107



Our Michigan car accident lawyers represent individuals injured in automobile accidents in Ann Arbor and the Ann Arbor area. This includes both claims for both personal injuries against a negligent driver and the Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits against automobile insurance company responsible for paying medical bills, lost wages, and other benefits.


The key to winning your Ann Arbor car accident case is to choose the best possible lawyer. Our auto accident lawyers have achieved the highest possible rating for ability and integrity in the legal profession and have been rated “Superb” by the top lawyer internet rating service.


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