Our Medical Malpractice Settlements & Jury Verdicts

Medical Negligence SettlementsWe have obtained significant settlements and jury verdicts for our clients involved in medical malpractice cases.  In fact, we settle over 97% of our client’s cases before they ever go to trial.  We can do the same for you.   We use our experience, skill and knowledge accomplish these results.  Below is a representative sample of our past successes in medical malpractice cases:

$3,750,000 Settlement for a client who was not properly supervised in the suicide wing of a well-known Michigan hospital. She sustained a permanent brain injury as a result of a failed suicide attempt. She was not properly monitored.

$625,000 medical malpractice settlement for the wrongful death of a patient who suffered a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after a hip fracture that caused a pulmonary embolism.  He died in the hospital.  The lawsuit was filed against the hospital and orthopedic surgeon.

$400,000 Michigan medical malpractice case settlement against a Detroit area hospital and emergency room physicians for failure to diagnose frostbite in a patient who suffered significant complications and disabilities as a result.

$290,000 Michigan medical malpractice jury verdict for a patient who sustained a pressure ulcer requiring surgery while in intensive care at a local hospital. The hospital offered zero dollars to settle the case.

$250,000 Medical malpractice wrongful death lawyer settlement for against a hospital and emergency room physician for the failure to properly treat a patient with severe hypoglycemia. Patient suffered severe complications due to the failure to treat.

$250,000 Settlement for a military veteran in a Veterans Hospital malpractice lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.  The lawsuit alleged medical negligence against the hospital staff for administering a contrast dye during an echocardiogram.  The veteran suffered a cardiac arrest and other complications as a result.

$192,500 Settlement for a hip dysplasia lawsuit against two pediatricians and the pediatric practice.  The patient was a first born, twin girl, who was born in the breech position.   As a result, she was at the highest risk for developing a dislocated hip.  She was seen as a newborn at the pediatric practice and there was evidence of a hip dislocation but it was not timely diagnosed.  Due to the late diagnosis, she required surgery on her hip and may require additional surgery in the future.

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