Ann Arbor Medical Malpractice Attorney Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Our Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. Ann Arbor medical malpractice attorneys recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of patient who underwent a bariatric weight loss surgery and died a few days later due to the surgeon and medical staff failure to timely diagnose and treat a post-operative leak.  The lawsuit was filed in the Washtenaw County Circuit Court in Ann Arbor, Michigan and settled for $240,000.00 based upon the amount of damages available under Michigan law and the disputed issues in the case.

The wrongful death lawsuit alleged that the patient who underwent a bariatric surgery, also known as a laparoscopic roux n y surgery, was discharged home after a twenty-four hour post-operative admission with signs and symptoms of a post-operative leak.  After her discharge, her family took her to a local hospital emergency department due to the patient becoming severely ill and in significant pain and distress at home.  She tragically died the following day.  The medical examiner determined the cause of death was sepsis from a post-operative bariatric surgery leak.

Our medical malpractice attorneys filed the lawsuit against the surgeon and Ann Arbor medical facility.  The claim was brought by the surviving family members, the patient’s son and daughter.  The wrongful death claim alleged that the surgeon and medical staff failed to timely diagnose the patients condition and discharged her home with the signs and symptoms of a leak that tragically lead to her death.  We argued that if the condition was properly diagnosed before she was discharged home, she would have not died and would have been able to undergo another surgery to treat her condition.

The defendants argued that the leak occurred after she left the medical facility and that her vital signs at the time of discharge were appropriate to send her home.  It was also argued by the defendants that the death was not in fact caused by sepsis, but due to cardiac arrest not related to her bariatric leak. (more…)

Ann Arbor Medical Malpractice Lawyer Files Surgery Lawsuit

Our Ann Arbor medical malpractice lawyers filed a civil lawsuit against an Ann Arbor area general surgeon, hospitalist, and surgical center relating to a bowel obstruction suffered by a bariatric surgery patient.   The patient underwent laparoscopic roux n y weight loss surgery at the facility.   According to the operative report, the surgery was completed without complications.  After the surgery, the patient was admitted into the surgery facility for care until she was suitable for discharge home.

During the post-operative admission, she was followed by the treating surgeon, a hospitalist, and the facility nursing staff.   Throughout her admission, she demonstrated signs and  symptoms of a bowel obstruction.  However, this serious medical condition was not diagnosed or treated during the admission.   She was discharged home from the facility with the bowel obstruction.

After returning to her home in Berkley, Michigan, she continued to experience symptoms consistent with a bowel obstruction and her condition began to deteriorate.   Her husband then drove her to William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan where she was admitted to the emergency department.  She was evaluated by a general surgeon and then immediately taken into the operating room for emergency open surgery.   Due to late treatment of the bowel obstruction, she suffered significant illness and was in the intensive care unit for two months.  She required numerous additional surgeries and medical procedures.  After her discharge from the ICU, she was transferred to the hospital rehabilitation unit for several months and has not fully recovered from her injuries. (more…)

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